Friday, July 20, 2012


Let's get some things straight.  I want to be skinny spice for my wedding.  Which is basically a happier version of posh spice.

But.  And this is a big but.  I like dessert.  A lot.  I've recently given up chocolate and it pains me more than I care to admit.

So what's a skinny spice wannabe girl supposed to do when those after dinner cravings hit?  One thing....go bananas.

Thanks to pinterest, I discovered a delicious and easy alternative to junky ice cream.  I used to make it for the boy all the time.

Don't believe me when I say it's easy?  Check out these wham bam thank you ma'am steps!

1) Buy Bananas
2) Freeze Bananas
3) Desire an ice cream type dessert
4)  Slice frozen bananas & put into food processor
5) Blend
6) Insta "ice cream"

It's truly magical.  The bananas just blend into this creamy goodness.  Now, you'll notice that I said that I used to make it for the boy.  And not for myself.  Which is odd because I am a dessert monster.  My pesky dislike for most things banana just kept me away.  But one day, a revelation of sorts hit me.  I could mix other things into the banana-cream, perhaps other sweeter things, which would hopefully cut down on the banana taste.

So I experimented with adding a mixture of frozen berries.  And it was incredible.  Not as good as my beloved Fuzzy Peach, but probably much healthier.  It's just such a smart way to get in that sweet little after dinner treat.

Now I can't wait to get home and wreck shop with my cusinart.  Just think of all the possibilities.  You could do bananas and chocolate powder.  Bananas and Peanut Butter.   Bananas and any kind of frozen fruit imaginable!  I bet bananas, frozen peaches, and some graham cracker crumbles would be downright delectable.

For those of you that like gadgets, or don't have a food processor, there is a machine made just for making banana-cream.  It's called Yonanas and it's available at most retailors.

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