Monday, July 16, 2012

links as of late

A new last name calls for fancy new monogrammed bits & pieces.  This bracelet is my new fav. 

The pintester- she f's up pinterest projects so you don't have to.  And I LOL every time. 

This analogy creeps me out.  

Thought Catalog truths on make-up.  "....And liquid eyeliner — what absurd witchcraft is that? Whenever I see a girl who has that perfect, delicate cat-eye with the little flick up at the end, perfectly symmetrical on both sides — I want to steal her hand-eye coordination the way Usula stole Ariel’s voice. I’ll just keep the ability to do steady eyeliner in this seashell here......Perhaps the best solution — to ensure that we all get a fair footing when it comes to preparing ourselves in the morning — would be to give each woman her own personal makeup and hair stylist, should she desire one."  If Hilary ran for president on that last statement alone, she'd win by a landslide. 

Ask Amy- Amy Poehler dishes out amazeballs advice to teens.  Seriously.  As if I needed another reason to girl crush on her a little more. 

Pancake Pops are acceptable for wedding food, am I right? 

"Sweet Mother of God, this is amazing!"  Actual response from one of my friends when I showed them this tumblr. 


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