Thursday, July 5, 2012

wedding lust list

OMG, I'm getting married.  Volume 230973734.

Can I bring back the word hype?  I'm just going to assume that you said yes.

Here are some things that I am HYPED up about.  I've got mad wedding crushes on all of them.  I just want to wrap them up in white and eternal love and keep them forever by my side.

Side note: I had a wedding revelation this week that blew my mind.  And probably saved my parents about 3,000.  In most wedding magazines you read, they say that you need to tip your vendors.  They then go on to say that you need to tip your vendors 15-20%.  Every vendor.  Just imagine how many vendors a typical wedding uses, plus the coo-coo nutty cost that each vendor brings to the table, PLUS 15%.  I had been sweating wedding-budget bullets for weeks.   And then I learned.  I learned that 15% nonsense is simply that...just nonsense.  Pick a flat number (but make it appropriate, perhaps around $50) and tip the necessary parties that.  Notice I said necessary parties.  Not everyone.    So for us, that would probably just be the photog (since she doesn't own the company), the videographer (because he's rad), the trolley driver, the hair stylist, the make up artist, and our coordinators because I love them for keeping me sane.  That is a much more reasonable chunk of change to handle.

Anywho, here's the things that make me feel all hyped up.

OMG, these invitations.  I want to make sweet love to them and then run away with that twine.

DIYs are my fav.  In particular, DIYs for the wedding crowd.  My stripe-y straw loving self almost sang a hallelujah chorus when I saw this DIY for sweet little straw flags.

I am sad that I didn't think up this idea on my own.  Such a creative take on table "numbers."  And I love it even more since it's pictured with succulents.  On a completely unrelated to weddings topic, why doesn't "say it with succulents" ship to the US?  I know many  US Citizens that appreciate a good succulent.

Sometimes the boy has good ideas.  Like really really good ideas.  Like when we were touring our ceremony space and he just casually suggested that we should do a little "mocktail" hour to kick the events off.  Mocktail as in no alcohol-but still totally crazy sexy cool in terms of fun.  So I took that bad idea and ran with it.  Ran all the way into the arms of a boat.  No, not just any boat.  This boat. A beverage boat.  Imagine it filled with all kinds of pre-ceremony fancy drinks....izze sodas, fancy sparkle waters, funky bottled sodas.  Are you hyped up yet?

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