Friday, August 31, 2012

for the love of lists: current obessions

Here's the deal.  I will not be writing any deep & meaningful blog posts over the next 44 days.  My brain is bridezilla mush.  My thought process is boggled down with thoughts about napkin colors, LED candles vs. regular candles, and dress fittings.  

But I know that I can't just abandon you, all 5 of my dear blog readers.   So instead I'll make blogs that are mainly pictures with little words.  Just know that the blog will be back in action with super amounts of wit & charm after I'm a Mrs.

Without further aideu, here are some of my current obsessions.

1. Twizzlers. I gave up chocolate months ago in an attempt to get rid of the pesky daily headaches that have haunted me since middle school.  And let's get real.  There's really no good non-chocolate candy out there.  But there's just something magical about a twizzler.  It's delicious & it's a somewhat healthy candy choice.  Just don't even get me started on the twizzler vs. red vines debate.  Red vines are the candy version of candle wax. 

2. Bloch ballet flats.  I saw them on BHLDN and almost had a swoon attack.  Delightfully feminine and super precious, they instantly became my pick for wedding day shoes.  And I almost shed a tear when I saw the box.  The shoes were nestled in layers of white tissue and encased in the sweetest pink bag.  And seriously-the ballerina on the inner box? I die.

3. Ab Ripper X.  I hate Tony & P90x.  I hate this creepy deep breathing, douche-bag sayings, and the way he counts.  But my desires for a tight-like-a-tiger bridal body combined with the fact that I haven't had any sort of abs since my all-star cheerleading days (in middle school) made good ol' ripper X pretty necessary.  The best part-there's only a handful of moves so you can memorize the routine pretty easily.  And then you know, you can look ridiculous in the ab corner at the gym on the regular.  I'm grown, I do what I want.

4.  Sons of Anarchy.  The boy and I were late to the SOA show, but one we started watching-we were hooked.  The kind of hooked where you watch at least three episodes a night, double dog daring each other to see who can make it through another episode.  We just got last year's season on blu-ray and we'll probably have it done by next week.

twizzlers & tight abs forever,

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