Wednesday, January 9, 2013

30 before 30, update

some of my dearest blog readers may remember this little post, just a little something called a 30 before 30 list.  with over six months gone since my quest for pre-30 greatness started, i figured i owed y'all a little update.

1. get married  CHECK.  and i got the ID complete with a fancy new name to prove it. 
2. run another half-marathon.  eek.  did i really say that i wanted to do this?  how about a couple of 5ks instead?  bueller?  bueller? 
3. travel to the west coast.  tenatively scheduled for fall 2k13. 
4. eat in'n'out.  see #3
5. go back to disney.  with friends.  shamelessly take pictures with all of the princesses. see #3.  i'm gonna knock all these bad boys out in one swift west coast adventure. 
6. make a decent effort to learn a foreign language.   i ordered pollo ranchero last night, does that count for anything?
7.  learn to take really good pictures.  way to set the bar high, holmes.  i'm guessing instagram won't cut it. 
8. make eclairs.  (i've been dating the boy for YEARS and i just found out that his favorite dessert is eclairs.)  i bought him an eclair one day. 
9. go on a honeymoon. i want to go back. 
10.go on a girls trip for my 30th.  ladies, are you listening? quit getting pregnant so we can go on a trip!
11.plant a garden. i'm growing succulents.  baby steps, baby steps. a vegetarian for a month. how about trying paleo isntead? 
13. try out a new hair color.   welp, i promised the boy i wouldn't cut my hair off for an entire year.  and then i did anyway. 
14. sew something that i could actually wear.  i guess i should did that sewing machine out of the storage unit, eh?
15. do a boudoir photo shoot. on the books.  hey hey hey. 
16. floss more. seriously, i'm kicking myself for all these high maintenance promises. 
17. send more handwritten thank you notes.  wedding thank you notes!  
18. go camping.  why didn't i promise to glamp instead?
19. eat a hot dog. i'll save that one for when i camp. glamp. 
20. learn to play tennis. i played.  once.  like in september.  at least i learned how to play volleyball? 
21. be confident enough to ride my bike down the busy street. i really was making good progress on this goal.  and then it got cold. 
22. pay for someone else's food at a drive thru. drive thru's aren't paleo. 
23. be a rad wife. see #15.  and the huge new monster truck in my driveway. 
24. refurnish a piece of furniture. i pinned some ideas?
25. be a better friend. make phone calls.  send cards. seriously, i'm a bad person. i need to step up my 30 before 30 game.  
26. adventure in my own town-visit the art museum, airlie gardens, etc. not a thing.  it's almost ridiculous. 
27. make a pie from scratch. thank you, christmas tart.  let's not talk about how i made the dough from scratch and how the tart pan fell apart as i was putting it into the oven, runing said dough forever. 
28. the ocean is in my backyard-swim more. it's cold.
29. get a paddleboard.  seriously, cold. 
30. celebrate the last night of my 20's in style.  the boy promised me a trip to vegas in exchange for delaying our baby making years.  i like the way he thinks. 


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