Tuesday, February 12, 2013

pinterest gem: food passport

Lately Pinterest has just been too sassy for me.  I log in and all I see is reminders of things that I can't do.  I can't sew even though I have a sewing machine sitting in my stupid storage unit.  I will never spend a Sunday making 2390734 freezer meals.  I don't have a way to magically make a washer & dryer appear in a spacious Master Suite Closet.  (But let's just all take a minute and let our minds be blown by how amazing of an idea that truly is.)

And just when I was about to abandon all hope for pinning, I stumbled across this little gem.  The Food Passport by The Spotted Fox.

Best part-super easy steps.  Procure yourself a small notebook and divide each page in half.  In each "square" fill in the name & address of favorite eateries mixed in with places that have been lingering on that "let's check it out" list.  & Don't forget to save room the stamp when you've visited that particular place.  

Whenever the boy and I are trying to figure out where to eat out, the conversation normally goes a little something like this.  "You pick."  "I don't care."  "What about here?...NOPE!" and so on and so forth, until we end up in front of a basket of tortilla chips.  The end result is a whole lot of wasted opportunities to experience funky food options & a mexican waiter that knows our orders by heart.  

Plus the possibilities for this as a gift are endless.  Got friends that were recently married? Make them a food passport & include a couple of gift cards to favorite eateries.  As a Realtor, I think this would be a great closing gift (along with some gift cards) for anyone that is relocating.  Since the hubby has hit me with the travelling bug, I think it would be great to tailor food passports specifically to adventures.  How cool would a stack of these, each from a different trip, be as mementos?   It would be such a neat way to document experiences together.  

foodie love,

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