Sunday, November 6, 2011

baby sophie

Okay.  I admit it.  I'm a girl.  And I'm a girl that regularly tears up over things like commercials.  And now that I'm a girl that's about to get hitched, I stalk my videographer's blog, just so I can watch the weddings he's shot, which undoubtedly always makes me tear up. 

I've got another confession for you...a lot of time, I'm more inclined to really love a product when their commercial pulls at my heart strings.  I'm now a google chrome user, due in part to the "dear sophie" spot. 

If you've never seen the ad, you better grab yourself some kleenex because it's a doozy.   Not only has it made me love all things's made me want to make an email address for my unborn...I don't even know if you can use the term "unborn" when there's not even a baby anywhere near your belly...or better yet-unimaginable baby.  This commercial perhaps lead to a conversation with my boy where I made him promise that he'd write emails to our future baby.  Which in turn lead to a conversation where I made him promise that he'd stand right near my head while I was giving birth, that he wouldn't let anyone wheel a mirror into the delivery room, and that he'd buy me a separate washer and dryer so that I could use cloth diapers without getting poop on his clothes.   That last promise was all the boy's idea, he's a bit OCD about his clothes.  

I hope your Sunday is filled with google chrome, Baby Sophie, and promises for the future. 



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