Saturday, November 19, 2011

linkage lo-down

Okay.  Remember when I said that Fridays were always going to be linkage lo-down days? Scratch that.  It's more like I'll provide you at hilarious links sometime between the days of Friday and Sunday.

1. Marcel the Shell (with shoes on) Part 2
2. Sometimes you just need a good Adele cry.
3. The best pre-wedding outfit I've ever seen.
4. Reason #2390734032 why I love target: This lady.
5. Just in time for the holidays.
6. All I'm saying is that if this necklace isn't gifted to me on my wedding day...the boy will be dead to me.
7. Delicious alternative to pumpkin pie

On another note, I'm expecting close to 30 family members to come crashing into my little life on Wednesday afternoon.  And have I mentioned that I'm then cooking Thanksgiving dinner for all said family members?  And perhaps have I mentioned that I've never cooked a turkey before?  And that the boy and I had a fight yesterday about the size of the turkey and my refusal to settle for anything less than 20 pounds? Sweet sassy's all happening.  I think this would be a lot easier on my nerves if I had a cute apron to prance about the kitchen in.


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