Wednesday, November 16, 2011

tight like a tiger

My dear friend Shannon, over at Lady in Motion, has recently begun blogging as a way to chronicle her journey back to good health and a better 5k time.  I've been inspired in more ways than one to start my own journey towards good health...but I have to be completely honest with y'all.  My journey isn't entirely based just on a desire for well being.  In less than a year, 331 days to be exact, I have to stand in front of my friends and family and look amazing in an ivory gown. Is it wrong of me to have a journey that's based entirely on superficial reasons?  I just want to look good (well...I actually want to look jaw droppingly stunning) but I hate to actually admit that one out loud.  Is it wrong to strive towards fitness if you are only concerned about getting more attractive?  Or is it fair to say that you want your outside bodily appearance to just match how good you are (or feel) on the inside? 

I've been working out at Planet Fitness.  Now, Planet Fitness is not the swankiest of health clubs.  There are no classes, it's not very spacious, and there's not a towel service.  I was spoiled by my YMCA days for sure.  My number one problem when I go into the gym is that I don't know what all I should do.  And when I get it somewhat figured out, I don't always feel brave enough to get it done.  I don't like being in the free weight man zone unless it's empty...which hardly ever happens.  I rarely ever try any cardio machines except for the treadmill.  I sometimes feel like my workout habits are setting me up for failure...and I just want to get this body right, failure just isn't an option.

In an attempt to see what all I can do to "fix" my workout plan, I found bodyrock.  Bodyrock is neat because it’s centered on the "home workout movement."  (I never even knew that was a movement until a week ago and look at me now-just throwing big phrases around my blog like whoa)  I thought that bodyrock would be a good thing for me to integrate into my routine, a way for me to keep things fresh and new.  Also, most bodyrock workouts are short which makes them ideal to add into my gym routine (remember that talk about not knowing what to do?) or to just do at home on those days when I'm not feeling terribly motivated. 

I tried bodyrock on Monday morning and it's safe to say that I almost died.  I was profusely sweating and swearing.  And this is coming from a girl that has only swore in front of her man only ONCE in her life.  Here's the link to the video for those of you that would now like to sweat and swear simultaneously. (Note: I did crazy sit-ups instead of the last ab part.  You'll also benefit greatly if you download some sort of interval timer app on your smartphone pre-workout)

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this whole post.  I suppose that this is my way of breaking through my insecurity about my superficial driven journey towards fitness. In addition, I know that by typing all this's real.  There's no more waiting for tomorrow.  The time to get this body tight like a tiger is now. 

Here's to bodyrockin, sweating, and swearing.


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