Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I'm back.  I apologize for my absence from the blogging world and I'm working on a post that will update you on what's been going on in my life since we last spoke.   Can I say that?  Since we last spoke?  I feel like this blog should speak directly to all my fabulous readers out there...so I'm gonna go ahead and say that blog reading is pretty much an online conversation of sorts.

I'm not gonna lie.  I love a good list.  I love to-do lists.  I love shopping lists.  I woo'd the boy will all kinds of email lists.  But my most favorite lists of all... Christmas lists.  Remember the magic of being little and writing that list for Santa?  The sky was always the limit, you could fill your lists with demands of puppies, the disappearance of your little brother, and trendy new kicks.  Honestly, it never really mattered what came under the tree each year.  What mattered most of all was that it was your thoughts, your wants, your list.

As I've grow older, I've noticed that my lists have grown less and less fun.  Things became less about wants and more about needs.  With a wedding looming right around the corner, those needs are more centered around save-the-dates, fancy address stampers, and finding the favor that's just right.  I don't really think that I'm getting anything too snazzy under the tree this year and I'm okay with it.  I know that the best present I could ever ask for-a sweet lifetime with my boy-is right around the corner.

BUT that doesn't stop my wandering eyes from seeing all kinds of goodies all over the place.  I mean, pinterest just throws these things right in my face.  So I'm pretending that I'm not too old to ask for things I want and making you a list that knows no limits.  Here's to hoping that a couple of my list items end up under your tree.

1. Fund the education of a child in Haiti for an entire month with the purchase of this watch.  (AND it's only $30)
2.  Anthropologie has done it again with these farmer's market baskets.
2b. Side note: Anthro is running a sweet little giveaway right now: 20 days A'Gifting.  20 days, 20 gifts, 20 lucky winners.  Enter each day for your chance to win!
3. These sweet little boot socks are just too precious.
4. If you are getting boot socks, you are gonna need some new boots to rock them with.  Keep your tootsies dry on wet days with these.  And seriously....that zipper detail is just too much.
5. Prep up your iphone
6. If you are getting a new last name, you probably need some new monogrammed swag.
7. And for all you geeks out there.


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