Tuesday, December 6, 2011

welcome back

Good ol' Ma$e.  Always good for a little blog intro when you need one.

This is the previously mentioned welcome back blog.  It's been a while since I've been all up in  hurr and honestly it's been a while since I've been myself.  Here's a little list (of course) of things that I'm ready to welcome back into my life.

1. I'm ready to welcome back being healthy.  This means healthy eating and workin on that fitness.  The past week has been a crazy blur of fat kid food and WaWa hoagies.  Now, WaWa will have a place in my heart for the rest of my life...but my body wasn't meant to run on hoagies.  I feel like Taco in the last episode of "The League."  You know the one where he was giving earth a break and was eating only artificial foods? By the end of the episode, he's kicked out of his apartment, has severe gross acne, and is surrounded by friends on cocaine.  Now my life isn't quite the Taco extreme but you get my point.  I need some fruits and veggies in my life like whoa.  And a good gym sweat fix.
2. I'm ready to welcome back a new pet.  Adam and I have been pretty lucky when it's come to our pets.  True Story: We recently found out that my dad almost let our dogs get run over by a car. (That's a story for another blog day) However, our newest addition is a bit of a warrior.  He's a fish.  His name is Rocky.  He's outlived all his fishy friends and survived for a week and a half without food.  We thought of our dogs when we had to leave town but didn't think of our fish.  We came back thinking he'd be a goner for sure and there he was, just kickin' it in his habitat.
3. I'm ready to welcome back the spirit of the holidays. When we left, it was November.  When we returned, it was December.  And apparently December means Christmas Palooza.  Yet, here I sit...feeling no palooza in my soul.  As much as I hate to admit it, I feel downright grinch-y.  It's hot outside, amazon is acting a fool with their 5% shenanigans, and I actually switched the radio from some glorious Christmas jam to some top 40 hit.  I'm hoping that the weather will change and perhaps so will my spirit.  If all else fails, I may just need some who's from whoville to ring around my house and sing me a song or two.
4. I'm ready to welcome back being normal. You may have noticed that a lot of this blog vaguely references leaving town suddenly.  I'm sure my struggles with blogging are pretty common....how much information is too much?  When do you know where to draw the line in what is your life and what is your blog? For this, I'd rather stay on the side of caution. This past week has been anything but normal.  The boy and I faced a challenge that was somewhat unexpected and rather emotionally draining.  I think a lot of people would have been worn down by the week but I have to thank the support of our friends and family for keeping us going.  I have a new found appreciation for small towns and their ability to rally when one of their own is in need.  Even though we were so lifted up by our support network our return to normalcy has been anything but.  I think we are both struggling to find our strides again.  I think it will take some time, some fruits & veggies, a hot chocolate by the glow of a tree, and the appreciation of the time we have together.


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