Thursday, December 8, 2011

linkage lo-down

I'm a blogging machine!  Since I'm on such a blogging roll, I decided to go ahead and knock out my linkage lo-down for the week.  I've scoured the web for only the most fascinating of links for the week...

1. The coolest iphone case I've ever seen.
2. Obsessed with instagram?  Me too.  Now you can take your instagrams and fancy them up into canvas prints.  With introductory prices starting at a mere 29.95, you better take advantage of this!
3.  The current high bid is just a mere 85,000.  Think I can add this bad boy to my wedding registry?
4. Outstanding tents.
5. I like television that rots my brain.  Especially when it's about New Jersey.  Season 5 of the J. Shore Trailer.
6. I hate you Tom Brady.
7. Finally, a rapper that spits truth about the real things in life.
8. Christmas-Ale.


1 comment:

  1. That little boy stole my heart. Have you seen the pancake rapper?