Friday, December 9, 2011

the hardest four minutes of my life

Remember my earlier blog about bodyrock? About how it left me profusely sweaty and uttering swear words that only a dirty pirate hooker would approve of? I've been rotating bodyrock workouts into my gym routine.  In the safety of the gym, the sweating always occurs but at least working out in a public place keeps me from getting my potty mouth on. 

This morning, I decided to embrace the "home workout movement" that bodyrock encourages and skip a trip to the gym.  I watched their newest workout last night (Side note:I do recommend watching them through before you attempt a new workout for the first time.  At the end of each video, they focus on how your form should be for each movement, which is extremely helpful)  and I felt like it would be easy enough for me to do at home before I went to work.  

This workout is short, about 8 minutes or so if you include the bonus, but it is intense.  It would also be great to work into your gym routine prior to any circuit training.  

And don't you like how they "sell" this video with the most seductive workout pose possible?  I guess you gotta get your male fans somehow.  I know that my body certainly doesn't look that good when I'm doing mountain climbers.  


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