Friday, January 13, 2012

linkage lo-down's some linkage goodness to get you through the workday!

1. One of my favorite bloggers has inspired me to get my boobs measured.
2. Pinterest gems of the week:
  • I'm jonesin for summer, ocean breezes, and porch sangria sessions. {original source: country livin via high street market.} 
  • I loose bobby pins on the regular.  I hate that it took me this long to find this idea. {bobby pin storage originally found via simply frugal}
3. My dear friend Erin, over at Onward Creativity, has proclaimed this "the year of the festival" and with this year's Coachella line up...I can't say I blame her.
4. Two of my favorite spin offs of the week: Ish Princesses Say & Ish Girls Say to Gay Guys
5.  You know the story...boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy has baby with girl, boy writes rap song about baby.  Oops...I forgot that whole part about boy pays hospital 1.3 mil to secure floor during birth of baby.  Celebrities, they are just like us.
6.  Style Steal! Also, where has ASOS been my whole entire life?
7. This recap almost makes me want to watch the bachelor. almost.
8. The club can't even handle me now. Thank you, thought catalog.


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