Thursday, January 12, 2012

what's cookin' good lookin'

I know a lot of blogs out there do weekly features like "tasty tuesday" and all that jazz.  I obviously am not quite up to diva blog-her status yet, so I can't promise you readers a weekly feature. BUT here's some of the goodness that I've been making in the kitchen.  

Side note: I will also have to remember to start taking pictures of the food after I make it, so that I can snazz up these posts a little bit in the future.

1. Kale, my new fav super food.  {Recipe via ohdeardrea} And it's vegan!
2. I hate the "m" word, but it's this was the moistest chicken I've ever made.  {Tutorial via the kitchn}
3. Skinnytaste is by far my newest obsession.  It's a great resource for healthy recipes.  This week I made their stuffed peppers & lightened up arroz con pollo.
4. The boy's new dessert of choice: creamy ice cream that uses just one ingredient. {Tutorial via the kitchn}


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