Monday, April 16, 2012


Much like most other couples, the boy and I have some rules in our relationship.  For example, it's pretty much a rule that I will always walk the dogs in the morning.  This is primarily to ensure the safety of both our dogs and the general population as he's just not much of a morning person.  I would just rather forfeit an extra 15 minutes of sleep each day...than to be the girl that caused the world to end.

And just like most couples, the boy and I have our five.  You know, the 5 gimmes.  The 5 celebrities that we could sleep with and face no ramifications or consequences whatsoever.  As much as I like to think that I'm his dream girl, I know I'm not match for a guitar playing, British accent'd lady.  And ultimately...let's get real. At the end of the day, chances are pretty slim to none that (list spoiler alert) Ryan Reynold's wiener is ever going to get near me.   And if it did, I'd probably just turn it down.  Because I'm a classy lady with values and whatnot.

For your hunk-a-hunka-burnin-love-viewing-pleasure, I present my 5...

1. Ryan Reynolds.  Those abs cannot be real.
2. The 'Nard Dog.  I can't really explain this one.  Maybe it's the sweater vests?
3. Ryan Gosling.  He can "hey girl" me anytime.
4. JT.  Just because he brought sexy back.
5. Jake Gyllenhaal.  But only with a beard.


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