Wednesday, May 30, 2012

chicken little

when the boy and i first started dating, we were all up in each other's grills.  we emailed, we texted, we stared into each others eyes for long periods of time.  i think it's safe to say that we both spent many a night, ignoring our friends, wrapped up in our woo-ful conversations.

and you can't have woo, as in wooing each other, without you know, actually getting to know each other.  and to speed that process up, i invented a little thing called fun facts.  and when i made it rain fun facts upon the boy, he learned all about me-lightening round style.

one of the first fun facts that i dropped all up on the boy was a doozy.  i told him that i couldn't ride a bike.  and like most gentlemen, the boy couldn't resist a good challenge.  he took me and my lack of coordination on like whoa.  and several years, a handful of "training" sessions, and an odd bicycle "feel the lean" experience later....i learned.

i use the term "learn" loosely.  because i don't know if you can really say that i'm quite a bike rider.  because you know, i've only been a bike rider for like 48 hours.  and i can't really do turns.  or start and stop smoothly.  or ride without profusely sweating.

now, i think i've blogged before about my gym sweats.  sadly, the gym sweats don't just happen at the gym.  i've got italian in me and sometimes that just makes for unfortunate amounts of sweat.  and when i'm riding a bike, i'm filled with paranoia, and that paranoia just works up a huge sweat fest.  you know how chicken little went through that whole "the sky is falling" business?  that's me.  on a bike.  all like "the sky is falling, the sky is falling, too fast, ahhh a turn, ahhh a dog, aahhh a truck, i'm going to get run over. i'm going to die.  ahhh.  too fast.  can't stop."

but you know, i'll keep riding.  because i now have aspirations of getting good enough to ride down the busy road, not just the busch league back streets of CB.  and maybe one day i'll be good enough to ride without being profusely sweaty.  and scared. 

and one day, when i'm not scared or sweaty, i'll need some sweet bike swag.  

{basket liner found via etsy, link below}

like that sweet bike basket liner.  THAT DOUBLES AS A TOTE.  so you know, i can cruise to the market and not even need to bring my harris teeter reusable bag.  Thanks to mellovelo for that gem, what did the world do before etsy? 

{found via etsy, link below}

and these!  i have a soft spot in my heart for flowers, as long as they aren't roses.  and even better than flowers are flowers that WILL NEVER DIE.  AND THAT DECORATE YOUR BIKE.  and side note, how is it that i'm just discovering the amazing-ness that is peonies? i need some pedal petals ASAP.  

let's ride bikes & xoxox,

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