Saturday, May 19, 2012

links as of late

A nine year old blogs about school lunches. {NeverSeconds}

I modge podged a whole hot mess of stuff when I was in high school.  Recently, I attempted this craft and was instantly reminded just how amazing the magic MP is.  I will totes mcgotes craft up the two below bad boys before the summer gets here:

Who needs TOMS when you can DIY your own?  WITH MODGE PODGE.  {youtube}

AND CUSTOM SUNGLASSES.  OMG MY INNER HIGH SCHOOL GIRL SWOONS. Unfortunately for my inner high school girl, I know I'm too old to rock glitter shades.  Can you imagine shades customized up with chevron paper? OH SNAP. {modgepoderocks}

Succulents are my new fav.  DIY your own terrarium. {youaremyfav}

For men who like manly things, like candles.  With man cave approved scents like 2X4, first down, and riding mower.  In all seriousness, I need to buy riding mower for the boy.  He just loves the smell of freshly cut grass. {yankee candle}


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