Monday, May 21, 2012


That's right ladies, if you are only going to live once, you might as well have a questionable tatt on your booty.  Which you'll have fun explaining to your future husband.  {Image via totalfratmove}

Chances are high that if you are 1) a douche (see above picture) 2) under the age of 21 or 3) stuck in peter pan syndrome-that you've got a twitter account.  And if you're tweeting, you've probably thrown out a #YOLO.  

For those of you that don't follow Zac Efron's every move, YOLO is the newest acronym to hit the streets.  Because a LOL just wasn't cutting it when it came to summing up all the feelings you get when you're wasted at 2 AM, engaging in questionable behaviors, and listening to "we are young."   

YOLO means "you only live once."  And when you are livin, you are obviously some of these classy tweets prove. Pretty much all the good ones run along the lines of "Who cares if she's only 16, #YOLO." Or the ever popular "OMG  GETTIN WASTED! #YOLO" 

Look, I get it.  Oh captain, my captain.  Carpe Diem.  I know that this life won't last forever and that you should NEVER SAY NEVER.  (jbiebs what up) I'm all about making the most out of your life. Because, honestly, no one really knows how short that life may be.  And sometimes you do have to live on the wild side...and maybe that means that you should jump out of airplanes (with a parachute...duh) or proclaim your love for someone while holding a boombox over your head.  But can you really just justify guzzling "pink panty droppers" with a YOLO?  Something tells me your momma would be just a tad bit disappointed with you on that one. 

If I was ever going to quit hating on this YOLO business and actually even perhaps start tweeting; I'd use YOLO for reals.   You know, to document important life moments and whatnot. Here's what some of mine might be...
  • "Who cares about fitting into a wedding dress when you can eat cupcakes instead?  YOLO"
  • "Just out-danced a hipster.  YOLO"
  • "Drank a PBR.  YOLO"  
  • "I just married the love of my life.  YOLO."  But also because I'm a hateful person, that life moment might be better captured with a "Bitches, I stole your man.  He's mine forever.  CRY ME A RIVERRRRR.  YOLO" 
  • "I just pushed a baby out of my vagina with no epidural.  YOLO"
  • "Swimming in a money bath because we just won the lottery.  YOLO"
  • "Finally convinced the boy to adopt a little black baby.  YOLO"

PS- Check it. Yolohumor & If I Took #YOLO Seriously, both of which gave me the inspiration for this blog post. 

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