Friday, May 11, 2012

petey pablo don't even like NC now

When I first began trying to woo the boy, one of the first bits of information he threw out was that he was from the Dirty Jersey.  Having seen more than a handful of episodes of the Jersey Shore, I was on those jokes like white on rice.  I asked him if he wore gold chain, if he bought gel by the truckload, if he had a tasmanian devil tat on his body, and if he beat up the beat on the regular.  Fortunately, none of those traits were representative of his character.  Unfortunately, they are the stereotype that most people associate with his home state. 

Even more unfortunate is the stereotype that is now associated with the state that I've grown up in.  For those of you that have not stepped anywhere close to a TV this week, let me throw some facts at you.  On Tuesday, May 8th, residents of North Carolina voted on whether or not to approve a constitutional amendment that would define marriage only as a legal union when it is between a man a woman. Sadly, the amendment passed.  

This was an act of hate and ignorance.  Despite what so many people had been preaching, it had absolutely nothing to do with the legality of gay marriage....because, after all, it's already illegal in NC.  

As a result, hundreds if not thousands of unmarried couples in our state will lose their right to make health related decisions for their significant others and even worse- to healthcare benefits for their families. 

Let's think about this for a minute.  Let's say that the boy and I decide to cancel our wedding plans.  You know, because who really needs a piece of paper to tell you how much you love each other?  If the state doesn't appeal this amendment, even if we reached a state of "domestic partnership," the state would never recognize our union as legal-even though we are a man and a woman. 

Let's spin this even further.  In NC, you can marry your cousin.  But not if they're gay. 

I'll just let Jon Stewart do what he does best..."congratulations, North Carolina, because for a moment I was feeling a brief glimpse of what I guess doctors would call happiness and a full heart, and I appreciate you ending that.  By the way, in your zeal to protect yourself from the gay menace, there isn't any chance you may have, I don't know, created some collateral damage amongst the heteros?....But you know what, that is a step towards equality.  Since many opposite sex couples will now enjoy the same lack of rights same-sex couples have always never had."

The only thing that I can get peace from are pictographs, just like the one above.  Even though they highlight just how backwards the vast majority of NC residents are, it shows one thing to be very true.  The vast majority of college educated residents voted against the passing of this amendment.  There are a lot of diploma'd people out there with love in their heart.  And one day, the well-educated open-hearted citizens will outnumber, and out voice, the ignorant. 

here's to a better tomorrow, 

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