Monday, May 7, 2012

i think the internetz reads my mind

Seriously, internet get out of my head.  I feel like those kids in the David Blaine videos.

If you've never experienced that magic...1) cheezits and 2) you're welcome. 

In all seriousness, no sooner had I wrote yesterday's post than I stumbled across both of these bad boys.

When did my life stop being fun?


The Dos and Don'ts of Becoming an Adult

I'll save you the trouble of scrolling down to read yesterdays post, and two thought catalog posts.  As I approach the dirty thirties of my life, I've learned two very important things...1)You can't get anywhere without loving yourself first & 2) You don't ever want to wake up to an empty social life but a full DVR.

And on a completely unrelated note, my complete indecisiveness had definitely caused more than a few fights between me and the boy.   Once again, the genius thought catalog weighs in with golden nuggets of wisdom.  Three questions You Should Never Answer With "I Don't Know."

FINE INTERNET.  I'M LISTENING.   DO YOU HEAR ME?  I'M GROWN, I DO WHAT I WANT...and that mostly includes learning to love myself, allowing myself to have fun, and being more decisive.  I'm sure the boy is dancing with pure unadulterated joy at this very moment.  Three articles just made me into his dream girl.


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