Saturday, June 2, 2012

links as of late

the only thing that is getting me through today is the fact that tonight will involve a lady date and taking froyo to the face. i might as well get this over with. hello, my name is jen and i'm a froyo addict.  my life is ruled by the 8 punches that separate me from a free cup.  i see other froyo stores and their fancy flavors and i experience horrid bouts of jealousy.  hey yogurt shops of the 910, don't make me get all veruca salt on you.  i want salted caramel froyo and i want it now.

before i unravel into a hotmess of froyo need, here's some of the best of the best from this week...

the end of the world may be upon us.  honey boo boo child is getting her own show.  looks like someone just dropped a BOOYAH on the whole ultimate grand supreme world.

#whiteboyproblems the boy haz them.

spork <stake

because i can't fold.  especially not when it comes to maps.

one day, the boy will allow me to bear children.  and you can bet your bottom dollar they will have hipster names.  and i can only hope they'll be as rad as these two.  although, considering my lack of any kind of abilities, i might need to have a one night stand with a musician to make that happen.

best little-hipster-name-having-baby wall art there is.

wedding envy: handmade altar.

hope your weekend is full of froyo,

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