Saturday, June 9, 2012

this week...

the boy returned from NJ and all he brought me was a case of the airplane funk.

i did pilates for the first time in years.  i promptly came home and experienced what can only be defined as a pilates high.  everything was delightfully hilarious.  perhaps it was all those deep breaths.

the gout came back. the boy's foot swole up like a bearpaw.  said gout attack resulted in gimpy, broken 90 year old man behaviors.  complete with crutches.  sigh. old man problems, he has them.  we should probably put an expiration date on our marriage.

let it be known that the previously mentioned gout and airplane funk combination do not make for enjoyable evening bike riding sessions.

i played volleyball.  not well.  but i hit the ball a couple of times.  and apparently, i can serve.  who woulda thunk it? and i did not take a volleyball to the face.  however, i did leave completely covered in sand.  i'm talking up my nose and everything.  sand is sneaky like that.

i was replaced by an ipad. it's ridiculous how much the boy loves that thing. i think we will be co-sleeping soon.

annnnd then i got hooked on enlightened.


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