Sunday, September 23, 2012

teenage dream

When the boy & I first started dating, we texted each other 24/7.  Honestly, the millions of texts we exchanged probably could have been the inspiration for  "Teenage Dream."  The text-versations  were the way we woo'd each other, filled with lusty thoughts and pure anticipation.

Over the years, those texts of lust have simmered down.  A lot.  Now I text the boy all hot like "whatchu need from the grocery store?"  It's a wonder he doesn't just rip my clothes off the minute I come home.  All that talk about groceries, meow.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't miss those texts.  But what I really think I miss is the idea that he was going about his day, all the while thinking about me, and better yet-needing me.  I'm a really visual person, so maybe this is just a me thing.  Maybe it comes with the territory of being a speed reader, I'm not hard wired to hearing, I'm hard wired to reading.

I recently pinterested my way to a blogger who spoke about the 10 things that have made all the difference for her marriage.  It was no surprise, given my love for all things written, that her idea for a journal jumped out at me.

They have a journal that they fill with words to each other.  Words that aren't too terribly different from our sweet beginnings via text-probably things that your Momma shouldn't read. They take turns writing in it and then leave it for the other to find in an unexpected place. There's no rules for length with the journal, but they try to help it find it's way back to the other within a week or so.

And honestly, the idea seemed even more perfect to me when she shared one of their journal exchanges.   I'm pretty sure biscuit is code word for something, especially if he thinks along the lines of honey boo boo child.  But biscuits aside, I think every girl wants to know that her husband thinks she has money skin....along with various other body parts.

Someone better give me a journal for my wedding present.  And some fancy pens.  I got some serious love letters to write.   After all, one of my goals for 30 before 30 was to be a rad wife.  I bet a rad wife would totally be someone's teenage dream.  Sing it with me now, let you put your hands on me, in my skin tight dreams, be your teenage dream tonight... BTW, you're totally welcome if that song is stuck in your head now.


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