Saturday, October 29, 2011

linkage lo-down

I've always thought of myself as a funny person.  In fact, one of my dear friends from college recently told me that she had the most glorious dream in which I was the host of a comedy show.  Since what happens in a dream mostly definitely will occur in your real life, I've begun to envision myself as the Chelsea Handler of the 910...minus those scary man shoulders.  I mean, anytime the boy shares anything funny with his friends, chances are pretty good that I was the one who found it.  It's only fitting that I stop letting him steal my thunder and that I start sharing my linkage wealth with my fine readers.

1. old & busted: planking. new hotness: tebowing.
2. This blog , which is all about the fun & fancy items you can put in the mail.  True Story: I've mailed my boy one of those giant marbled play balls.  It was purple.  & I definitely wrote the lyrics to purple rain on it.
3. Reason #934722347 why I will be having children: To use them for my own amusement
4. My new fav tumblr
5. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better: the history of rap 3. Side note, can someone please convince JT to make another CD?  I'm ready for sexy to come back.  (again)



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