Thursday, November 3, 2011

greys nights

In my mind, Thursday nights will forever be associated with one thing...grey's nights.  For a few years, I was fortunate enough to live in the same city as some amazing ladies.  Said ladies and I made it a commitment to be there for each other every Thursday night.  Some Thursdays were definitely a little bit more scandalous than others...but ultimately each week we gathered to drink wine, eat good food, and to be there for each other.  

Over the course of time, the Thursday night tradition waned a little.  No one did anything in particular...families were made, schedules grew tighter, and many a move was had.  Grey's night went from being the best day of the week to being just another night. 

Last year, I prepared myself to watch the Season Finale of Grey's.  I had my dogs to keep me company and my trusty DVR to keep the pesky commercials away.  But when I sat down to watch, something dreadful happened...the show cut off.  There I was...alone, grey-less, and without my friends.  I have to admit, I went a little crazy. I think I might have scared the boy.  I perhaps even went on a crazy computer searching rampage, desperately googling for in hopes that some site, some where, would find the show.  Never mind the fact that I could have waited to watch the show a mere 24 hours later once it was posted on the ABC site.  I needed Meredith Grey and I needed her bad. 

Looking back, it wasn't that I needed Meredith.  I just needed my friends.  And my DVR's destruction of that episode essentially represented the destruction of a sweet Thursday night tradition.  Sometimes, it's hard to handle change...and much like a cranky DVR, I just shut down. 

I find myself on another Thursday night, many months after the aforementioned greys debacle. Even though I won't have my friends by my side, I know that they are just a phone call away.  

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  1. Ditto, friend. I echo every sentiment. I think we should Skype a Grey's night....or better yet I'll take a Friday off and come down there for fun Grey's activities :)