Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the fever

I've got a confession to make.  I've got the fever.  No, it's not bieber fever.  It's not even a fever where the only prescription is more cowbell.  It's crazy baby fever.

Here's a little list (of course) of why I think I'm so stricken.

1. Pinterest.  I can't get on that website without seeing uber cute baby rooms, baby outfits, baby shower ideas, or babies dressed up like mermaids.  Thanks to pinterest, I have been feeling compulsive needs to do the following:

2. My friends.  Every. Single. One. Of. My. Friends. Is. Preggers.  Or at least that's what it feels like.  How is a girl supposed to concentrate with all those babies? It's like when I buy a new squeaky toy for my dogs and dangle it in front of their faces, holding it just far enough away for them NOT to be able to grab it, and squeaking it like a mad woman.  WHO DOES THAT TO SOMEONE?

3. Blogs.  I read way too many blogs.  And by read way too many blogs, I mean that I am basically stalking bloggin' families.  If I ever saw them on the street, I'd have be physically restrained in order to prevent myself from acting like a nut job, running up to said family, and giving them all hugs and presents. Is it my fault that every family I stalk is filled with precious children with even more precious outfits?  No.  But that feeds the fever for sure. 

4. My dogs each weigh around 65 pounds.  I haven't read the fine print on a baby bjorn box lately, but something tells me that aren't in "baby" status anymore.  I just need something little and cute.  Notice I said NEED, not want.  It's the fever. 

In closing...I feel like I owe it to him.

Dearest boy,
I'm glad that you put a ring on my it.  I cannot wait to be your wifey.  I'm sorry that you are now stuck with someone that has not only crazy eyes but also crazy baby brain.  It's quite the double whammy. 

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