Thursday, January 5, 2012

linkage lo-down

I don't know if I believe in new year's resolutions.  This is primarily due to the fact that I've developed a deep hatred for those resolutionaries that make gym going pretty miserable for the month of January.  Now, I like to be workin' on my fitness just as much as fergie...but if you are wearing a pink popped collar polo shirt and madras shorts while treadmilling, you better just move out of my way.  Back to my point.  I think the whole point of a new year is a making the most out of new opportunities.  My blog is my new opportunity, a magical dream for world domination via wit and prose.  This year, I'm vowing to make the most of it.

Here's some of the best of the best from the internet this week.

1. Thanks to my friend Amanda over at Simply Stated  for introducing me to two gems this week: the thought catalog & their 20 new year's resolutions for 20 somethings.
2. Do you enjoy being sassy on the regular?  Me too. Which is why I will choose to drink all the sassy water I can.
3. I don't want no pickles! Also, I'm one of those people that will be torturing my own (future) children on the regular, for the sake of my own enjoyment.
4. How to be a boss b.
5. Sometimes the world just makes you feel all good and fuzzy.  Meet Noah.
6. The boy and I began our co-habitation/days of living in sin in a sweet condo in a renovated cotton mill.  We had wood floors, exposed brick walls, and neighbs that liked to have loud sex on the regular.  And by loud, I mean L O U D.  They might have been porn stars.   It comes as no surprise that this guy, and his thin wall challenge, is my new fav thing.
7. You have to at least love a President that keeps up with the times.


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