Thursday, February 16, 2012

links as of late

Spoiler alert: I'm about to drop all kinds of bloggin goodness on you. Brace yourself.

For starters, here are the best of the best from this week's interwebz.

1. It's not for the squeamish but any birth story that involves a Dan Rather sighting will honestly have you LOL'ing.
2. Pins of the week:
  • You don't need a magic 8 ball to tell you the future.  Signs point to yes that if you see me in the next month, my hair will look like this
  • Sorority girl tendencies die hard.  This new tervis was made for me. I mean, I'll be getting a new monogram soon enough.  I need some new JBH swag. 
  • Dorothy Perkins is my new crack.  Don't even get me started about this dress.  
  • Chic wall storage made easy. 
3. List lovers, rejoice.  This might just be the best dollar I've ever spent.  
4. True Story: when the boy and I went into some huge electronic store to play with Siri, the salesman woo'd us with these magic words..."Siri, where can I get some chicken waaangs around here?" Unfortunately, the Siri that the boy ended up with is most definitely one cranky little whore.  For the girl you love to hate, here's these Siri parodies: uno, dos, and tres.


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