Saturday, February 25, 2012

speed reader

True Story:  I have unusual talents.  I can't play sports, but (once warmed up) I can dominate at both bocce and cornhole.  I can't remember how to drive anywhere, but I know the words to pretty much every early 90s hip hip song.  And I'm a speed reader.

I'm not quite sure how one becomes a speed reader.  I guess that I was kind of a nerd when I was growing up-quite possibly the only cheerleader with the double whammy of unfortunate glasses and braces.  I suppose that all those years that I spent engrossed in books just made me supa speedy.

A year or so ago, the boy got me a kindle.  The boy promptly regretted his decision when I burned through about 4 books in less than a week-all of which were purchased via his amazon account.  Fortunately, e-bookery has come a long way and I can get my book fixes via the public library, without even having to put a dent in anyone's bank account.

Since I'm quite the generous person, I've decided that I'm going to start regularly blogging about books I've read.  Hopefully this will bring out the speed reader in all of you.

Recommendations from my kindle to yours.
1. This is where I leave you
2. The night circus 
3. The end of normal

Next on my to-read list:
1. Good Grief
2. Like Normal People

Don't waste yo time
1. LA Candy.  I spent years of my life watching both Laguna Beach and The Hills.  I got mad love for LC-just not as writer.
2. She's come undone.  Sorry Oprah.

For those of you that can't seem to part with the feel of a real live book in your hands, get all up on paperback swap.  It's like the netflix for book nerds.


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  1. When you mentioned.. you don't play sports.. I had a flash of you trying to roller blade in our Garage in Wilmington!HAHAHAHAHAHa