Monday, March 5, 2012

links as of late

I can't ride no stinkin two-wheeler bike.  I got swag, even when I'm on a trike.  (See what I did there?!)  For the trike lovin' swag in all of you, may I present trike drifting.

I'm getting married, you should probably buy me a present.  And that present should probably be something extremely this hot tub boat.  Where's t-pain when I need him? POSEIDON LOOK AT ME NOWWWWW.

There's a fat kid that lives deep inside of me.  I literally jumped for joy when I read this article.  Now I just need to get the boy to move me within trike'ing distance to this bad boy of an ATM.

If you haven't made your bro cry with your life accomplishments, you either aren't livin, trike'ing, or DJ Pauly D.  

Baby let's make the bed talk....this is by far the creepiest way to promote safe sex.  Wrap it up, bump n grind, and then check in via Where Did You Wear It? Take that 16 and preggers.

Reason #23973 why I love the thought catalog.  Any article that references both Dawson's Creek and Saved By the Bell is automatically a winner.


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