Friday, March 2, 2012

meet me at the (sky) mall

Huffington Post recently ran an article in which they proclaimed the 19 most ridiculous SkyMall products.  SkyMall not ringing a bell?  Perhaps this little diddy will make things a little clearer.

I love you best when I'm away 
And while I'm out here I look forward to the day when I come home 
Cause there's something special waiting there 
It's a whimsical statue of a bear that holds a bottle of wine 
But please don't touch it, it's mine 

Because I bought it in SkyMall 
That five-mile-high mall 
That always has just what I need 
When I get to the gate and remember too late 
I should have brought something to read 
It's OK, cause I know that I'm gonna shop SkyMall 
Cause I know that I'm gonna shop SkyMall

(excerpt from SkyMall, a glorious song by Johnathon Coulton)

Not to be outdone by Johnathon Coulton or the little old Huffington Post, I figured I'd share some of my personal fav SkyMall items. 

Training for a marathon but can't resist your favorite condiments?  Say hello to protein ketchup.
Protein Ketchup
Litter Kwitter.  For the crazy cat lady in everyone.

And...can you say wedding present?

Armadillo Beverage Holder


PS-I must give credit where credit is due.  I originally found this Huffington Post article via this blog

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