Thursday, March 8, 2012

that's my jam

If you've ever had the privilege of seeing my sweet dance moves, it should come as no surprise that I really enjoy music. Between the boy and I, we both have eclectic taste in our ear candy...and we both knew that our wedding music had to be anything but ordinary.

Side note: I just found my wedding recessional song. I'm only kind of kidding.

So far we know that our ceremony will consist of anything but the typical wedding songs... there will be no canon in d, no wedding march, and I swear I will straight up murder someone that tries to request the electric slide.

In a search to find songs that would both reflect our musical tastes, our experiences together, and our desire for something unique- I stumbled across Hi-Fi weddings.  The excerpt from their website sums up their purpose better than I ever could...Here at Hi-Fi Weddings, we understand the importance of music at your wedding. From the song that you walk down the aisle to, until the very last dance we invite you to share your wedding playlist…or to gather ideas from other like-minded brides and grooms. And while we love music of all sounds and notes, we’d like to focus on those that want their wedding mix to be less “Top 40″ and more of music that is true to the soul.

So if you are planning a wedding, or just planning on shaking your money maker at mines, be sure to get on the Hi-Fi. 


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